Pain 3 Years After Breast Augmentation

A little over three years ago I had under the muscle breast augmentation to take me from a very small A to a regular C. I always noticed that the left implant sat a bit lower than the right, but was not alarmed by it until I started experiencing slight discomfort around the left breast when laying on my left side, about a year and a half after surgery. Lately I have been experiencing more pain, not only while laying on my left side but almost all the time. Is this something I can treat at home?

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Breast Enhancement

It is possible to have nerve damage during a breast augmentation, its actually more common than people think. It can take up to two years to settle and massaging the breast in the area that is effected can help

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Pain after breast augmentation

I agree that this is unusual after three years.  Capsules are the most common cause. You should be evaluated. Ultrasound, mammogram or MRI may be needed.

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Pain in breast after augmentation

At three years you should not be experiencing pain in the breast.  You shoudl see your surgeon for evaluation.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

The most common cause for pain after breast implants is the development of excessive scar tissue around the implant. If the scar tissue "shrinks" down on the implant it is considered a capsular contracture. This can come in varying degrees but the highest level is when you get pain with it. The breast should feel much firmer than normal as well. Your surgeon should be able to tell this by exam. If you are not having firmness the cause of your pain can be difficult to find out. Regardless, my recommendation is that you return to your surgeon to discuss this and be examined.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Although it is not possible to know for sure what is causing your symptoms,  I can tell you that it is not something that you can “treat at home”. At this stage after breast augmentation surgery there just comfort is likely to be related to breast implant encapsulation (capsular contracture)  and/or breast implant malposition.

Follow-up with your plastic surgeon and/or another well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is indicated.

Best wishes.

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