Pain Worsening After Tummy Tuck

I am 5 weeks out from my tummy tuck, but having significant sharp pain in my upper left abdominal area. It basically hurts anytime I move. I know I probably overdid a few things: vacuuming, lifting a fat dog, carrying groceries, because I was feeling pretty good. I'm still pretty swollen, but nothing more and I'm wondering if this could indicate I've torn my plication? I'm not scheduled to see my Dr. again for another 2 months and I'm wondering if this type of pain is normal this far out?

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Pain 2 months after an abdominoplasty from over activity

The average patient is beginning to get back to normal by 5 - 6 weeks.  You may just have done too much and stretched your abdominal muscles.  If the pain is intense or out of the ordinary then see your surgeon

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Pain of varying intensity is not unusual for several weeks after abdominoplasty.

Most patients are doing much better than you are five weeks out from abdominoplasty. Nevertheless, depending on the extent of the procedure some fluctuation in pain even for several months is possible. You should bring this to the attention of your surgeon.

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Pain after abdominoplasty

It is hard to say if the pain you are experiencing is from being overactive or not. I would suggest that you get in touch with your surgeon, and let him examine you. If there is something wrong, I'm sure he would want to know. best of luck to you.

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Pain Worsening After Tummy Tuck

Other than to tell you that there are patients who still experience discomfort this far out, it is hard to respond based only on your query. This question asked to your surgeon is much more likely to get a useful response, and may prompt an earlier visit for evaluation.

All the best. 

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