Why am I having pain 3 weeks after breast augmentation?

I got my breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago. Left breast have no pain at all. Right Brest being hurting for 2 weeks and now it is more like hiper sensitivity. It hurts to sleep on a side as well. My PS said it is normal and it will go away. I just though it will not hurt to have second opinion. Also how quick is capsular contact. forms after augmentation? And what to do to prevent it? Thank you !

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Hypersensitivity of the breast 3 weeks after implants may be nerve healing

Thank you for your question.  Of course need to consult her plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion.

That said it is not uncommon for one breasts to be less comfortable than the other at 3 weeks.  Since you mention hypersensitivity this can often be a sign of nerve healing.

Discomfort 3 weeks after breast augmentation - is this normal?

It is possible to have pain 3 weeks after breast augmentation and in many cases this is normal, particularly if the implants have been placed behind the muscle.
However, if you have severe pain or the pain is not settling or you have any swelling or any other concerns about your bust I think it is best to schedule a consultation with your surgeon who performed the operation to just assess the area and make sure all is well and there is no underlying cause for your ongoing pain.
I hope this information has been helpful and your pain does settle in the near future.

Adrian Richards, MD
London Plastic Surgeon
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Discomfort after breast augmentation

As long as your breasts are soft and relatively symmetric at this point then I would agree with your PS, some patients can experience discomfort like this on and off for several months.  It will typically resolve with time.  Good luck

Mahlon Kerr, MD, FACS
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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