Pain, Tightness Around my Upper Part of my Breast?

Its been about 6 months since my breast augmentation (Gel). There's days when I experience sharp pain and tightness on both my breast, more on my left. What can this possibly mean?

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Breast Augmentation/ Pain

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6 months after a breast augmentation should be enough time for all discomfort to subsude. I suggest you be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to rule out any lingering, potential post-op complications. Beyond that, time and massages can help.

Growing pains

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The process of healing from breast augmentation may involve different sensations such as pain, burning, tightness and sensitivities.  If your breast change their form and look deformed or become consistently painful a capsular contracture maybe the cause and should be assessed by your surgeon. 


Good luck

Symptoms 6 months after an augmentation

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can certainly occur.  As for speculating as to what it may be, it could be from a variety of issues from muscle spasms, pressure on nerves, or healing nerves.  As long as your appearances are good and you are happy with that, time is all that would be recommended in your situation as symptoms related to breast augmentation are known to subside with time and I do not know of any chronic breast pain patents following an augmentation in my 20 year career.  And if you remain concerned, see your surgeon for his/her input.

Pain around the breast 6 months after augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  It is not common to have discomfort that far out from surgery.  Hopefully your surgeon told you about scar tissue that can develop around the implants.  This happens to every implant placed in the body.  When this scar tissue squeezes down around the implant, we call this capsular contracture.  You should go back to your surgeon to have them examine you.  There are a few things that can help a little.  Probably the most effective is massage of the implants.  Have your surgeon evaluate you and then can help give you a plan to help you out.  Good luck.


Pain, Tightness Around my Upper Part of my Breast?

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These symptoms can be suggestive of capsular contracture. It that setting the implants would feel firmer than they should.

This would be easy to diagnose in your surgeon's office, so that would be a good next step.

Treatment, if indeed that is the diagnosis, may require surgery, but there are a number of remedies to try first, including massage, Vitamin E, singulair.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Capsular Contracture

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Thanks for your question -


Typically by 6 months patients who have had breast augmentation are relatively pain free.  Pain after six months, especially when associated with changes in shape or the feeling of tightness are usually symptoms of capsular contracture.


Capsular contracture is scar tissue around the implant.


Treatments can involve medications like singulair but typically require surgical revision.  The implants should probably be replaced and the scar tissue removed.  In cases where the capsular contracture has recurred dermal matrix can be added to reduce the recurrence.


I hope this helps!

Pain and Tightness on the Upper Breasts 6 Months after Breast Augmentation

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    Pain and tightness on the upper breasts 6 months after breast augmentation may indicate capsular contracture, particularly if hardness and change in shape has been noticed.  You will need an exam by your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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