Causes of Pain Above the Billy Button After Tt?

I am 9 days post tt.. As i have removed the last drain, i pit on the compression garment for one day but then i stoped due to a pain that is felt above the billy buton! I hust on light pressure touch and a feel like some depression as well? I imagine as if the sutures are torn or some thing!,, what to do ? My PS is out of twon and wont be back until 2mnths Thanx

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Pain after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

You need to be examined by the plastic surgeon who is covering your plastic surgeon while he/she is out of town.  You will find the name of the covering plastic surgeon when you call your own plastic surgeon's office. In my opinion, this type of situation does not lend itself well to online consultation.

Best wishes.

Post-op care is essential

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I see many questions for plastic surgery post operative advice here and in other places on the web. I think the Internet is a great information gathering tool, but in the post-operative period it is not a good place to start because giving advice on medical conditions depends heavily on many things including:

  • intimate knowledge of what procedure was performed and how that procedure went
  • detailed familiarity with your symptoms
  • physical exam

Clearly, none of these 3 conditions can be found in a forum correspondence and you could end up delaying proper treatment. The best person to answer questions about your surgery is the surgeon who operated on you. Call the practice and inquire about reaching your surgeon for your post-op issue. You should see your surgeon, or the surgeon handling his/her post-op calls.

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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