What Can I Do About Pain with a Temp Cap?

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Having Pain With Temporary Crown while My Permanent Crown is Being Made

The most common reasons for discomfort or pain with temporary crowns are the bite, looseness, leakage of the temporary crown or the temporary crown not covering all aspects of the tooth where it was prepared.  Return to your dentist and he can evaluate your temporary and make appropriate adjustments if necessary.

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Pain With a Temporary Crown

There are several reasons a temporary cap can cause discomfort.  The fact that the tooth was prepared for a crown can make the tooth sensitive or the tissue around the tooth sore for several days after the procedure.  If the bite is high on the temporary it can cause discomfort from the tooth.  Sometimes it can be an indication that the nerve in the tooth is inflamed which may or may not be reversible.  If the tooth was sensitive before the procedure or the tooth was cracked or had a large decay the nerve may not survive the procedure and a root canal may be necessary.

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