Pain/Swelling 2 yrs after mini-lift

Had mini-lift 2 years ago Dec.  Noticed an immediate difference in the discomfort level of the left ear.  Lower 1/3 of ear continues to painful to the touch, becomes inflammed/swollen several times a week, cannot sleep on the ear, area feels "nervey" when touched, etc  Taken strong antibiotics, oral cortinsone, cortisone injections/nerve block, seen neurologist...minor improvement since procedure was done. Physican says has never had this happen and has no other suggestions. I am open to suggestions.

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Pain/Swelling after Mini-Lift

This sounds like damage o the Greater Auricular Nerve, which is why you are having that "nervey" feeling.

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Ear Pain and Numbness

This will be answered in many ways. I personally there could be two issues here. First you could have some retained sututre material behind the ear. The "Nervy" feeling worries me more. I feel that you could have had your Greater Auricular Nerve partially injured. The repair process has probably formed a scar called a Nueroma. Injecting this with a local anesthetic could help decide id this is possibly your issue. Good Luck.

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