Pain and Swelling 9 Weeks Post-op. Should I Have Implant Removed?

had a septo/rhyn and a chin implant about 9 weeks ago... my nose looks wonderful however my chin implant has given me nothing but trouble. I HATE the way the implant makes my face look very squared and off, but the problemI'm having the most is trouble with my speech and after 9 weeks I still can't smile (the smile looks aweful) my lip will not allow my lower teeth to show. I am a dental hygienist so my smile is my career and it has taken a toll onmy quality of life. Another big concern is the past 4 days I have started to have pain on the right side of my chin into my jaw, things such as sitting toothpaste and eating have become very painful. - If I have it removed after 9 weeks will the "pocket" make my chin sagg? - Does the pain and swelling indicate an infection? - Because my lower lip will not go down when I talk/smile could that be from the actual impant blocking or impending on the mental nerve? Please help, The hygienist with no smile :(

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Unhappy and several issues following a chin augmentation

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Sorry to hear about all your problems and concerns. You did not indicate how the implant was inserted: through an incision in the mouth or in the submental area. The former is associated with more numbness and protracted swelling.

Without photos it is pure conjecture with regard to appearance. However, it can take 6 months for a considerable amount of the swelling of your lip and chin to subside and numbness to improve. Many patients will note that at around 4 months the chin swelling suddenly and drastically subsides. 

You should return to your surgeon and share your concerns. If you still are not sure or comfortable, see a reputable plastic surgeon as a second opinion but I would wait until at least 4 - 6 months for this.

Good luck

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