Pain, Swelling, and Tingling Sensation After Laser Lipo

I had Laser Lipo the week of Thanksgiving. I am experiencing a lot of pain in my skin where the procedure was done. Almost feels like my skin is ultra-sensitive, like goosebumps, but very painful. Muscles are very sore and tight in those areas as well. What would be causing these? Should I be alarmed or will it go away?

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Pins and needles nerve pain after liposuction

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You are experiencing "dysesthesias" and is due to nerve irritation from the procedure. In nearly all cases this will resolve as you heal. It is common for patients to complain of "pins and needles" or stabbing or "carpet burn" type soreness. This is similar to what happens when your leg "falls asleep" and then wakes up.

Typically, I advise patients to rub and massage the areas to desensitize the nerves. This generally helps. In rare instances, in which the pain is disabling, I have prescribed a medication called "lyrica". This is an off-label use and should not be undertaken to standard cases.

I hope this helps!

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