Pain and Swelling 7 Moths Post Op ( Pictures)

please help ! its almost 7 months since ive had ptosis surgery using the frontalis sling procedure ( palmaris longus tendon used ) and the brow is still stiff and swollen as is the eyelid. added photos as requested. the levator muscle was good but because first revision didnt work, my plastic surgeon did the sling this time. we do not have any oculoplastic surgeons here, the plastic surgery doctors are the only ones that do this surgery here. can this surgery be reversed ??

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Pain and swelling post sling

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  Yes, these procedures can usually be reversed but honestly, it would have been easy for sure if they had used a silicone rod suspension instead of what they did.  If your symptoms warrant it, I'd suggest removal of the sling before any more time passes.  There are definitly oculoplastic specialists in Europe.  Look up the E.S.O.P.R.S. for the European Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Good luck!

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