Pain/swelling 6 Days After BR Surgery?

I had a BR 6 days ago, and I find that there is alot of swelling on the sides of my breasts, where I feel discomfort when I put my arms down to my sides. More on the right breast, with pain in the right nipple, more like a throbbing. Will this swelling subside soon? I am hoping that this throbbing in the nipple is normal, I only have it affecting the right side. also the side of the right breast is harder then then the left, could it be because I am using the right arm more then the left?

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Pain/swelling 6 Days After #BreastReduction Surgery?

This sounds like it's within a normal range of post-operative issues.  You should of course talk to your own plastic surgeon about this but it sounds like something that should resolve on its own.

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