What Can I Do for Pain in the Sternum One Year Post-op?

I had silicone implants placed under the muscle after having saline implants removed that were over the muscle. I have pain in the sternum which affects me mostly when I lie down on my side. The pain will wake me up due to the severity. I have been on two rounds of antiinflammatories and one round of Prednisone. I am seeing a massage therapist who in working the intercostal muscles. The surgeon has examined me and thinks all looks fine.

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Pain in sternum

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Is the pain actually in the sternum or in the muscle? If it's the muscle, then it could be the muscles are spasming over the implants. In any case you should go to the doctor and discuss options for finding the source of the pain and treating it.  There is a small subset of people that have persistant pain after submuscular implants, and unfortunately have to have the implants removed to get relief when all the other options have been exhausted.  This is true in breast cancer reconstructions as well as cosmetic augmentations.  At any rate, you and your doctor have to work on this together.

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Pain over sternum following breast implant augmentation surgery

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Occasionally with release of the pectoralis muscle, small minor nerves can be transected and can occasionallly form a neuroma . Generally speaking, these resolve with scar massage and desensitization. In other instances, they may require more aggressive treatment,. Musculoskeletal pain may require management with anti-inflammatory medications. Other possible explanations include capsular contracture.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Pain in sternum after breast augmentation

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If you are having new or persistent pain in the sternum one year after breast augmentation, the minimum you should do is have your doctor evaluate you, and then after an assessment, he/she could make recommendations on further measures to take regarding the work-up.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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