Pain Sloshing five weeks after surgery?

I had saline implants for thirteen years just had new silicone ones put in. I had a inferior msstopexy, bilateral and a mastopexy internal Bra on 10/29/13 On 12/05/13 i started feeling some pain and some strange pain like a marble rolling around in a glass bowl it happens when i bend over or use my left arm when i push on the side of my implant it feels like sloshing and something is moving around in there. Why would this happen now?

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Causes of pain and sloshing sensation after implant revision

Although silicone implants usually feel more natural than saline, there can be a fold or buckle in the implant that you can feel in some positions. There can also be some fluid around the implant, which would likely resolve on its own. This is called a seroma. If your internal bra procedure involved the use of an acellular dermal matrix such as Stratttice, then longer-term (>5-7 days) drains are usually used to minimize the chance of seromas.

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Fluid accumulation may the culprit for woman with pain and sloshing five weeks after surgery

Thank you for your question and the background detail you provide. First, at five weeks after surgery, remember you are healing. You should also know that some fluid lubricates implants and the capsules that covers them - even in the case of silicone gel implants. In my experience, this fluid may be as much as a tablespoon. And, this may increase after surgery. If a drain was not placed, some residual fluid may have accumulated. The good news is that this most often resolves. However, know that if your breast appears larger, you should be examined. If this is the result of fluid accumulation, it's likely that your surgeon will advise draining the fluid.

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