Pain and Tenderness 11 Months After Breast Implants

Pain/ skin tenderness and uncomfortable feeling of foreign object in my right breast. I had a saline implants 11 months ago. Right breast has been very tender. It is painful and uncomfortable. My surgeon keeps giving me shots of esteroids, antibiotics, pain killers and has not been working. NOW he thinks it might be my nerves, I need help! do not know what is wrong with my breast.

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Pain and Tenderness 11 Months After Breast Implants

I am sorry to hear about your pain. It sounds unusual but it also appears that your surgeon is trying to localize the source. This can take time.

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Pain in breasts

It is difficult to say without formally examining you. This certainly is not the norm.  If all else is normal, you may want to see a pain doctor. Sometimes patients develop unusual sensory maladies after surgery that the pain docs can treat.

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