Pain on One Side of the Chin After 3 Months of the Surgery?

I had my medpor chin implant surgery on 3rd March 2012. In addition to screws surgeon made put one stitch on the right side which was lokin abnormal even after weeks, later it was cut through a needle and it left an other swelling .Initially it went like usual pain and swelling and then it was doing fine, now after three months I have started feeling some pain inside the upper right side of the chin and when I press it I feel the pain travelling down to the right side of the chin.Please advise

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Asymmetrical pain after Medpore implant for chin augmentation

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It is rare to experience pain, three months after a chin augmentation. I do not like putting in Medpore implants in and around the Jaw because they are inflexible and require very large incisions (consequently resulting in long scars) in order to put them in. Also, more dissection is required with an increased possibility of a mental nerve bruise/damage which may be the cause of your lingering pain.

I advise you to return to your original plastic surgeon for further clarification.

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