What is This Pain? Is Removal the Only Solution?

I had butt injections done about three years ago and everything was fine. Recently my boyfriend was poking around my butt area because I guess he felt lumps. As he was trying to figure out what the lumps were, he was poking pretty hard with his finger until I got in so much pain that I asked him to stop. Everysince that day, everyday my entire leg is in pain from the butt to foot. I researched that this is the sciatic nerve. Did he rupture the implant? What should I do?

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Buttock injections vs implant

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If you had injections in the buttock region and not buttock Implants, the material may be compressing the sciatic nerve. I have good success performing ultrasonic assisted liposuction by removing free silicone or bio gel from patients with similar complaints. If you have implants, it is possible that you have contracture around the Implant Itself.

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