Pain problem, advised a chin implant be removed & recommended fat transfer at time of removal. Good advice or not? (photo)

A silicone implant size 1 is implanted via ext. incision to correct a weak chin (though not significantly weak). Initial doctor concurs implant may put pressure (right side) on mandible causing intermittent dental/facial pain/ swelling symptoms and agrees to removal only if I undergo fat transfer at same time to avoid unflattering result. Because of intermittent existing swelling, I question advisability of fat transfer until I heal from having chin implant removed. Your thoughts please.

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Pain problem, advised a chin implant be removed & recommended fat transfer at time of removal. Good advice or not? (photo)

I agree with you to have only implant removed no fat grafts to empty space might cause fat necrosis and additional issues..

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Chin Implant Removal

It seems reasonable to remove the implant if you're having chronic pain and swelling symptoms. It's unclear when your implant was placed -- I presume it's been a while allowing the area to heal fully.

I'm not sure that concurrent fat grafting is required necessarily. With a small size 1 implant there's a good chance that the chin skin will redrape properly as the chin heals. A lot depends on your skin quality (how elastic), though.

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Chin implant removal and fat transfer

I don't know your entire history or the details but in general I would say that if you're having chronic pain or even intermittent pain bad enough to prompt U to want to remove this I think removing it is a good plan.  I'm not sure fat transfer is really required at the time of removal.  You may feel that after a few weeks or months that your gel or jawline is slightly heavier or less attractive after the chin implant is removed but probably not by much.  I have had a handful of patients who have had pain that showed up months after a chin implant was placed in each case it was a revision in which I replaced someone else's implant.  In those 2 cases in which I removed the chin implant the patient's did quite well, the pain resolved, and we really didn't see a need for additional procedures to improve that look.  One of these individuals already had a fairly well-defined jawline and 1 had a week chin and jawline.  The chin implant removal in the fat grafting are not bad ideas but I'm not sure you have to do the fat grafting right away.  There may be some financial advantage for U to do the fat grafting at the same time because it is less expensive for the surgeon to do this at the same time they're removing the chin implant but I I wouldn't say it is absolutely cosmetically necessary.  However, it is important U trust the judgment of the surgeon who is standing in front of U and evaluating you physically.

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