Pain 7 Months After Breast Augmentation?

Hi,I have my ba 7 months ago but for the past 3 days ive been experiencing consistent pain in my left breast (pain is about 1/4 away from my incisions and can feel pain on inner cleavage area).i did have a infected seroma at 3 weeks po that was treated with antibiotics by the nurse and my PS seemed happy to leave it at that.the implant feels slightly harder but not dramatically harder,it appears to have slightly increased in hurts when i press on area.what could be wrong?thanks

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Pain after 7 Months Following Breast Augmentation

   Any increase in size of the breast accompanied by pain following breast augmentation should always be evaluated by the plastic surgeon, particulaly given your previous diagnosis of an infected seroma. There is always concern for hematoma, but, at 7 months, that would be extremely rare.

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Pain after BA

Hello and thanks for your question.  By the history you have given, I would recommend further discussions with your PS.  Because of the infected seroma, there is an increased chance of capsular contracture of that breast.  Medications can help sometimes, but I would definitely seek out an opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon to guide you in further treatment options.  I hope this helps and best of luck.


Robert Kratschmer, MD

Robert Kratschmer, MD
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Pain in Breast 7 mo. Post-Op

I wold recommend that you follow up with your operating surgeon. this could be a sign of infection or a capsular contracture.

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Pain 7 Months After Breast Augmentation?

Although some pain at 7 months is not uncommon, with your history of past seroma and infection, and of size and firmness change, seeing your surgeon is appropriate, and a more likely way to answer for you the question of what is going on.

Thanks, best wishes.

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New onset breast pain

If you have new onset breast pain several months after having breast augmentation surgery, I suggest you get evaluated by your surgeon.

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Pain 7 Months Post-Op

Thank you for the question. Intermittent pain even at 7 months post-op is not altogether unusual. Having said that, your history of an infected seroma and pain associated with an increase in the size of your breast should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon. They will be able to better guide you and make recommendations after performing an in-person exam.

Good luck.

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Pain after breast augmentation

If you had an infected seroma after breast augmenation there is a chance you may have developed a breast capsule after surgery.  Symptoms of a capsule would be an implant that is less mobile and firmer than the other.  There also can be more fluid around the implant with a breast capsule leading to a larger size.  These are related to the presence of a Biofilm.  This lead to a chronic formation of scarring which often gets worse with time.  Its best you go back to see your doctor to be re-evaluated. 

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