Pain and Lumps on Left Breast, How Can I Tell If It's Scar Tissue Or The Implant?

im 6 days post op had 460cc overs, my right breast seems fine but my left is very tender and it feels like a i can feel the implant down the left side and wen i push it inwards the pain eases, is this scar tissue or is it the implant?? also just under the left side above the scar is very tender too

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Pain after surgery.

There has not been enough time for the tissue to completely heal after your surgery. Your surgeon definitely needs to examine you during a post op visit and he can determine the cause of your pain. But natural healing needs to occur first.

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It would be unusual to have any scar issues only 6 days since surgery.  The fact that it eases with pressure makes me think that this is likely muscle related.  With these issues so early in your postoperative period, I would suggest a visit to your doctor just to make sure.  Good Luck! Scott Newman, MD FACS

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation tenderness

At this  time in your recovery your tenderness is likely related to normal  inflammation expected after surgery. It is too early to have developed scar tissue. I would suggest patience,  use of prescribed medication and continued follow-up with your surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Pain and Lumps on Left Breast, How Can I Tell If It's Scar Tissue Or The Implant?

ONLY 6 days from surgery. Best to see your operative surgeon to evaluate this issue for peace of mind. 

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Pain after breast augmentation

It is natural to have pain 6 days after breast augmentation, and this pain may respond to different maneuvers.  It is much too early to have firm scar tissue.  Chances are you are feeling swollen, tender post-op tissue.  I would expect this to resolve.  I suggest you discuss this with your plastic surgeon to put your mind at ease.

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