Pain in Left Breast As if Implant is Attached, What Could be Causing This?.

I had augmentation in 2009 and about a year ago started having this pain in my left breast. Not always there but definately feel it when I lift my arm up or bend forward to pick something up off the floor.If I sleep on my left side I start feeling uncomfortable in this spot. It really feels as if the implant is maybe attached on this spot. Cannot see any visible difference from right breast. Please help. When I massage it it moves just as right breast.Could this be CC?

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Pain in Left Breast As if Implant is Attached, What Could be Causing This?.

Causes could be associated with the capsule or an entrapped nerve in the scar capsule. Only in person examination can determine best course of treatment. 

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Pain after breast implant surgery

The capsule complete surrounds a breast implant. If the capsule develops muscle like cells called myofibroblasts those cells can contract and deform the implant which can be observed from the outside. In your case it sounds like the capsule is stuck to the muscle by some scar tissue. When the implant-capsule pulls away from the muscle (like when you lean forward) or when the muscle pulls away from the implant-capsule (like when you raise your when) traction is placed on this scar tissue and you feel pain. Technically it is not capsular contracture but it is a problem with scar tissue formation.

You need to see your surgeon for a face to face examination to make sure this is the case and make sure that if you have silicone gel implants they have not ruptured. Sometimes leaking of the gel can cause tissue irritation leading to the formation of this type of scarring. This may require revision surgery.

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Capsular Contracture

It is difficult to say what is going on without an examination.  I would recommend addressing your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Based on the information you provided, capsular contracture (scar tissue) could be a possibility. It is important for you to address this condition before it gets severely worse. Revisionary surgery may be necessary depending on the severity and complexity of the case.

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