Pain in Side After Tummy Tuck 8 Months Ago?

During recovery, I had a burning stitch in my side, under right rib. It has not gotten better, only worse. My Dr.says maybe fascia related....I do intense ab workouts.. is it ok to continue?....what is it? Esp. Bad while sitting, driving. Better when lying down and with massage.. ..thank you!!

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Burning under rib cage may be a neurom

A neuroma is when a sensory nerve gets encased in scar either during the healing process (more likely) or during repair of the splayed abdominal muscles, diastasis recti, (less likely). Your PS could try a diagnostic technique by injecting it with Marcaine, which is a long lasting anesthetic. If the pain doesn't resolve you may consider backing off on your core exercises to allow interval healing. 

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