Pain in Left Breast After Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

Hey, I'm glad I found this site and am hoping for some positive feedback. My surgeon was wonderful and really gave my tuberous breasts a natural shape. He placed my implants over the muscle but under the breast, and scored some tissue. My right breast feels perfectly fine. My left however, is in a little more discomfort.. but not so painful that I need meds. Also, when I move the implant around in its pocket, it seems to move a little less than on the right, but nothing drastic. Is this normal?

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Tuberous Breast Correction Discomfort

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How early on are you in your recovery? Discomfort is common shortly after surgery, and it is generally well controlled by medication prescribed by your surgeon (something that you mention you don't need). However, if it has been a few months after your surgery, you can discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Glad to hear you like your results! I have found tuberous breast correction to achieve highly satisfying results for my patients as well. 

Pain after reconstruction of tuberous breast

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I am very happy to hear that you were able to achieve a very nice, natural appearance with your breast reconstruction for tuberous breasts.  This is a very challenging problem, and an excellent result after surgery is something to be proud of!


You did not mention how far out you are from surgery, but some discomfort is absolutely normal in the early stages after surgery.  It is not uncommon that one breast may be a bit more uncomfortable than the other.  Please discuss your questions with your surgeon, as he may have some good insight into why one breast may be more tight or uncomfortable than the other.  He probably has you doing daily breast implant massage, and this should help to soften and mobilize the implant capsules.  Your surgeon will be happy to address your questions and to make sure you are making an excellent recovery.


All the best,

Dr. Skourtis

Mia E. Skourtis, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

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