Pain in Left Breast 2 Weeks & 2 Day After Augmentation?

I had a augmentation over my muscle just over 2weeks ago & on the 2nd day i started getting a throbbing pain on the top left hand side of my breast. I went back to my doctor & he told me its my nerves. I also have no feeling im left nipple. Now i have this tight feeling around the top of my left breast. My breast feels the same as the right side but its really uncomfortable. Is this normal?

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Pain in breast

Sorry if you are having pain, but you are wise to follow with your surgeon. Usually the sensory issues get better with time.

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Pain After Breast Augmentation

Thanks for the question and I'm sorry to hear you are having this discomfort.  Whether this is the typical post-aug aches and pains that many patients experience can only be determined by direct exam by your surgeon, so I suggest you have this discussion with them.  Usually, these types of pains may wax and wane for several weeks to several months and then gradually dissipate.  Stay in communication with your surgeon and be patient and I hope this passes for you soon.  Best wishes!

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Pain and Tightness after Breast Augmentation?

I'm sorry to hear about the discomfort you are experiencing after breast augmentation surgery. Online consultants, despite good intentions, will not be able to provide you with precise diagnosis and/or reassurance. Although some discomfort and/or “tightness” should be expected, these symptoms should be gradually dissipating. If not, I would suggest continued ( earlier than scheduled if necessary) follow-up with your plastic surgeon who will be your best resource when it comes to accurate diagnoses and/or reassurance.

 Best wishes.

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Pain after breast augmentation

It is not uncommon to have more discomfort in one breast than the other breast.  As long as one breast is not larger (or increasing in size) and your plastic surgeon has examined you, your discomfort is most likely due to nerves.

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Pain in Left Breast 2 Weeks & 2 Day After Augmentation?

I don't think the word normal is useful here, but pain symptoms are common, and they vary a lot from patient to patient. Since you have seen your surgeon with this complaint, he was presumably able to exclude the possibilities about which I would be concerned--fluid collection from seroma or hematoma. 

Sometimes a local anesthetic patch (Lidoderm) can be helpful if the discomfort is interfering with your work or other activities. All the best. 

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2 Weeks after Subglandular Augmentation and Tight Feeling

   A tight feeling is not abnormal and is usually due to the trauma of the surgery, the placement of the implant, and the swelling.  However, the tightness may be caused by fluid collection or hematoma if one breast is larger than another.  An exam would be helpful in your case.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Causes of pain after breast augmentation

There are many causes of pain in the breast(s) after breast augmentation.  At 2 weeks post-op, most of the discomfort should be subsiding.  Since you have numbness in the left nipple this may be an indication that the nerve on that side may be stretched or injured.  Your surgeon has examined you and feels that what you're going through is part of the healing process.  Therefore, it does not sound like you have a blood collection(hematoma or seroma).  I recommend that you use conservative measures to improve the pain (try cold packs and possible antiinflammatories such as ibuprofen).  If the pain persists after another two weeks then I would recommend that you see your surgeon.  I hope this helps. 

Clyde H. Ishii, MD, FACS
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Pain two weeks after BAM

There are many causes and nerves can be one but bleeding around the implant is another.  This can only be determined by examination by your surgeon.  The feeling will most likely return and can be gradual.  There is a small percent of women after BAM who have numb areas with no return but this is way too early for you to get concerned.  I would have my surgeon re-exam your breasts.

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