Pain in Left Boob, Child Jumped and Landed on Chest, Pain Still After Three Weeks, I Do Have a Boob Job, is This Serious?

I have had two breast augmentations, and recently I was laying on the couch when my son ran as jumped on my chest. My boon on the left side has been hurting a little over 3 weeks could something possibly be wrong? Any kind of pressure that gets put on it makes it hurt worse

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Tenderness in breast following minor trauma.

Unfortunately, all we can do from an internet forum is speculate. Because your symptoms have persisted for 3 weeks, I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon to make sure everything looks okay.

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Pain post injury

You may have soem tenderness just from the trauma.I would take soem tylenol or similar medicinbe and support you berast.I assume your left breast isn't

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