Pain in Heels After Calf Augmentation?

I underwent calf augmentation in April this year and am having a lot of sharp pains along the outside of my heals and underneath my heels. I am concerned because it has been 6 months and the pain is still there. When I walk a lot I can feel it, its a bit hard to explain but similar to pins and needles but sore when I put weight on them. I was aware that this could be side effect but not sure whether it should still be hurting this much? Is this normal? Is this a sign of nerve damage? Thank you

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It appears that there is some neuropathy, which is likely related to the implants.  This can be from compression of the posterior tibial nerve, calcaneal and sural branches.  I would get a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine you and determine the cause of your issue.  A nerve conduction study with EMG, is a non-invasive way to try to determine the location of the injury and or compression.  Your condition may necessitate the removal of the implants. 

Pain after calf augmentation

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Pain in the heel and down the outside of the leg is a known complication of calf implants. It is a sign of partial nerve damage. If it is improving, even if slowly, chances are it will eventually go away. Best wishes.

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