Pain in Front Tooth?

i had a cavity on the upper left under my gum line so i know the dr had to go under the gum to fix... its 2 days later and the the tooth i had fixed is achy and sore but my front tooth hurts also when i try to bit on something even if its soft is that possible?

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Pain in front tooth

It sounds that your bite may be off based on what you are describing. This is considered a dental emergency and you should return to your dentist as soon as possible to have it checked.



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Front tooth hurts when I bite down ?

In most cases when a tooth is sore to biting down its a good indication that it will need a root canal now or in the near future usually root canals take between 1-4 visit with a cost between 900-1600.00 depending on location and number of canals and degree of difficulty. Good Luck



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Pain in Front Tooth

See your dentist and have an X-ray. The nerve may be damaged and might need Root Canal. Or, the filling might be in the way of your correct bite????

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