Pain in Coolsculpting?

I've been in extreme pain for some time now and was wondering what the most time I can be like this. I want to be hopeful that this will go away soon. Terrified that its going to take much longer.

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Pain Post CoolSculpting

Pain and tenderness can definitely be a normal temporary side effect of CoolSculpting, especially if you had some overlapping treatments or were treated with the CoolMax applicator. Nerve pain can also occur a few days after treatment and linger for about a week. The good news is that it should be temporary. Sometimes patients find compression helpful in reducing pain or over the counter pain medication can be effective as well. Definitely consult with your physician so that you can be evaluated and treated properly. If it is nerve pain, there is a medication that can be prescribed that may help alleviate the discomfort.

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Temporary Discomfort Following CoolSculpting

The side effects following CoolSculpting fat reduction can vary greatly.  For some patients, the pain is non-existent.  Experiencing side effects after your CoolSculpting treatment is not an indication of the results that you will have.  You did not describe your symptoms but I can tell you that for many patients the most intense sensations naturally resolve within the first two weeks and for some it is only during the first week.  If you have concerns, I encourage you to contact your provider.  My Raleigh NC practice offers a complimentary package called CoolSculpting Complete which includes dual machines, compression garments, and vibrational therapy.  Compression garments are often very helpful for patients experiencing discomfort.  Some patients report that using ice packs on the tender area provides relief.  While medication is not necessary during or after the CoolSculpting treatment, some physicians will prescribe a non-narcotic nerve blocker for patients in intense discomfort with specific symptoms.  Along with CoolSculpting Complete, my patients enjoy Instant Rebates for one free CoolSculpting session with each session purchased.  This is available to my practice as a top CoolSculpting provider in my region.  You can find a Premier Crystal Practice near you by searching the CoolSculpting website.

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Pain after CoolSculpting

Extreme sensitivity is extremely rare and the two cases I have seen in three years in my NYC practice diminished signficantly by the second day and most went away by the second week. Some patients benefit by the use of non sterioidal antiinflammatory agents. others may need off-label uses of prescription medicaiton. We have seen in the literature and seen improvement in one of our patients the use of Gabapentin .

You need to see your physician for an evaluation and for them to prescribe what they deem to be appropriate. I can not comment on your personal circumstance as I am not treating nor examining you. I wish you the best for a quick recovery.

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Pain after Coolsculpting

It's always important if you are experiencing pain or any side effects that are worrisome to you, to contact the office in which you had your procedure done and schedule a follow up appointment.  Most patients experience little to no discomfort after the procedure but for a small percentage a few days after the procedure when nerve fibers reawaken they can feel pain and tingling in the treated areas.  Some patients feel better with compression and an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.  In a very small number of patients we prescribe a pain relieving patch for the treated area.  If you are experiencing pain, it will stop.  All of our patients have had complete resolution of any pain.  Good luck.


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What to expect after Coolsculpting

How long has it been since your Coolsculpting treatment? The pain after treatments is transient. Meaning it is temporary and will go away with time. Think of it as your nerves waking up as if your arm fell asleep. I know it can feel much worse than that, but it is a good reference. Compression garments can sometimes be helpful if you have been treated on your flanks or abdomen. We advise our patients to purchase Spanx, or some other type of shapewear to wear when you are hurting. Good Luck and I hope it starts to feel better!

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Pain with Coolsculpting

There is discomfort, not pain associated within 10 minutes of the applicator being placed.  There is mild discomfort seen for approx. 1 week after but you can resume regular activities.  My patients are very satisfied and you can target many areas in one day with absolutely no downtime

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