Pain in Breast 4 Months Post Op, Could this Just be Muscle Tightness?

I have been getting pain in my R breast like I need to massage implant outward toward my armpit. I do use my pecs alot being a MT & have been extremely busy with deep tissues. The implant looks good, no change in shape/size, getting soft & dropping sometimes a little muscle disfig. but goes away w/ massage. Could this be just muscle tightness? I have had this pain quite often before getting implants. I do sleep on my side all night close chested just making sure this isn't the start of CC.

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Pain after breast implants

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Pain in the breasts can be so many different things, that an exam withyour doctor is really important. One of the most common causes of pain with breast implants is a capuslar contracture.

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Pain after breast implants

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After recovering from the initial surgery, pain after breast augmentation can be from the formation of a capsular contracture or from muscle strain.  A capsular contracture can form around a breast implant as early as 3 months after the surgery.  In such cases the breast can feel firm and there may even be some visible distortion.  Muscle pain usually happens  when breast implants are placed behind the pectorals and can even  worsen pain that was there before breast augmentation.  If you are experiencing pain in your breasts after having implants placed you should be seen and examined by your plastic surgeon to make sure that everything is okay.

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Breast Augmentation and Muscle Spasm?

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Thank you for the question.

Given that you have had similar discomfort prior to undergoing breast augmentation,  is very likely that the discomfort is not specific to the breast implants. Also, given that there is no change in shape/size,  this points against the development of capsular contracture.

Of coarse, it is always best to be examined by your plastic surgeon for real diagnosis and/or reassurance.  He/she may be able to prescribe muscle relaxants.

Pain after breast augmentation

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If the implants were placed under the muscle it is likely that your discomfort derives from muscle pain/spasm.  Have you spoken to your surgeon? You might want to try a muscle relaxant like Flexeril or Valium (use the latter at night).

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