Pain in Breast Bone Area and Indent After Breast Surgery, Can it be Corrected?

Two months after having breast implants (removed saline above muscle ones and replaced with silicone above muscle) and my two breasts look different from one another and the upper inner part of my right breast appears to have a dent in the breast bone itself which you can see. The dent does not appear to be in the implant, but I'm not sure. I can feel bone structure and it is painful at times. What can it be and can I do anything to correct it?

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Pain and indentation after implant exchange.

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I'm sorry to hear of your concerns, but without photographs or personal examination it would be both impossible and imprudent to speculate about what might be going on. You should see your surgeon and ask this question. If you feel your question is inadequately addressed, seek consultation with other board-certified plastic surgeons who would be happy to help you out as best they can. Good luck and best wishes!

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