Pain Above Eyebrow After Having Radiesse Injected for Brow Lift. Is This Normal?

I had radiesse injected above the eyebrows to slightly lift them. It has been 4 months and I still have pain, tightness, and slightly numb with a redish color above the left inner brow. Also in that area it is slightly bulky like there is more filler there. Should I be concerned that a artery was blocked and could this get worse? Also I wanted to add that the red color is very light and not really noticable to other people, but I can notice it when looking close up or certain light.

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Pain above eyebrow after Radiesse for brow lift. Is this normal?

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Some Pain is expected at the time of the procedure but 4 months later, that kind of pain is not normal. There may be product pressing on a nerve or vessel. It would be a good idea to have it rechecked by your doctor. In the mean time warm compresses may give some relief.

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