What Pain Should I Expect After Having a Mole Removed?

i had a mole removed 2 days ago. and in a bit of pain. it was taken off from the bottom of my neck. since i has been removed i have a spot type of rash come up over my shoulders, chest and back. is this realated? what pain should i expect and how can i try and relieve the pain as parectamol is not working neither is ibprofen.

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Mole removal

I would highly recommend that you see your physician for follow-up of the treated area and to make sure there is no sign of infection. 

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Pain after mole removal

Even after a small surgical procedure such as mole removal, infection may develop. Talk to your doctor about performing a culture of the affected area, prescribing topical antibiotics, or even a course of oral antibiotics. You may also have been allergic to something in the local anesthetic or a dressing used to cover the wound. Again, talking to your doctor would help in identifying the problem.

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