Pain with Drain Removal, After Breast Implant Removal and Partial Capsulectomy?

My drains have been in for 5 days, and I heal quickly, so am afraid that my skin will have started to heal around drains and sutures by tomorrow when they are scheduled to be removed. Will it be difficult and painful? And is there any way to dull the area so it doesn't hurt so much to pull them out?

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Drain pain

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The number of days that drains are left in will depend upon fluid output. Our patients tend to do very well and experience minimal discomfort when they are removed. If you are concerned about pain, ask if your surgeon will numb the area prior to removal. Sometimes patients find that the numbing injections may be more painful than the actual removal of the drains.


Drain removal

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If your drains have been in for only 5 days, don't worry you will be fine.  Just explain your concerns to your PS.   Good luck!


Drain Removal and Local Anesthesia?

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Thank you for the question.

It may be possible for your plastic surgeon to use local anesthesia around the site of the drain prior to removal. Can't hurt to ask…

Best wishes.

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