Does the Pain from a Brazilian Butt Lift Feel Like a Bruise?

How long do most people take pain medication to dull the pain from a Brazilian but lift? Is the pain more painful than a really bad bruise, or worse?

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Recovery after Brazilian butt lift

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The Brazilian butt lift is not a terribly painful procedure. Most of my patients have a throbbing pain and nausea on the 1st day after surgery. Within 48 hours 70 to 80% of the pain is gone. Within 4 to 5 based most patients are off of pain medicine.

The hardest part of the Brazilian butt lift is sleeping on your stomach and a minimal setting for 10 days in order to preserve the fat injection and have the best possible result you can.

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Pain after brazilian butt lift

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The areas of liposuction will be sore for about 1 week.  Your buttock will be sore for about 1-2 weeks, this is dependent on how much fat is transferred.  Most patients stop prescription pain medications within 1 week.

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Brazilian butt lift and pain

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There can be prolonged soreness form a Brazilian B L.  Usually it feels like a deep bruise.  I recommend anti-inflammatories to ameliorate the discomfort.


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Pain from the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

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Patient’s pain tolerance differs, but the majority of my patients post Brazilian Butt Lift state that they have soreness and aching in their liposuctioned areas, not the area injected with the fat. This ache tends to lesson after 2-3 days post operatively, and is treated with pain medication typically the first two weeks post operatively. Some patients stop taking their pain medication after day five. The most challenging part about this procedure is not being able to sit on your buttocks for the first two weeks after the procedure.

I hope this answered your question. I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

Brazilian butt lift and pain control

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The Brazilian butt lift is typically not painful. Pain is very subjective and some patients handle pain better than others. The pain is mainly a dull pain. Most of my patients describe some sort of soreness while others describe an ache. Most of the pain does not come from the buttocks but from the liposuction areas. Although bleeding is well controlled during liposuction, there is always some minor oozing that triggers an inflammatory response. This will cause pain. Now, fat is also injected into the gluteus muscle and in some patients this will be tender.

The pain wears off relatively soon and within 3-4 days the soreness should be minimal. A combination of narcotics with ibuprofen should be sufficient to control it.

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