No Pain Before Root Canal, Intolerable Pain After One? (photo)

Hello, I went for a filling few weeks ago on tooth 13-premolar , after removing some caries dentist recommended that I get a root canal. Couple days ago got root canal done by an endodontist. I've been in pain since then, been doing salt water rinses and OTC ibuprofen but nothing has helped. Should I be alarmed? Attached pics:

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Pain following root canal treatment

Postoperative pain following a root canal procedure is normal, especially for the first week or so.  The source of the pain is often the sensitive nerve fibers that surround the tooth which get irritated from the pressure of the instrumentation used during the procedure.  You should however have your dentist make sure the filling material placed in the tooth is not too high which creates extra pressure on the tooth and makes it even more sore.  And be sure to get a crown placed on the tooth as soon as it settles down.

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Pain after root canal?

Yes normally the pain is only moderate and last only a few days if problem persist I suggest you see your endodontist radiograph looks good... sometime you can get an infection or perforation or crack, suggest antibiotics for a few days and see what happens good luck


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