Pain and Tight Feeling 2 Weeks Post Op and Still Bruised on Left Side and Still Sitting Higher?

I am two weeks post op, left was always a little higher, bruising is not going away as quick as right either and it feels like it has a tightness in the muscle it doesnt feel different to the touch just different feeling when moving or using left arm. Im concerned of cc, infection ect or if this is norm two weeks post op for under muscle starting full a with 360 filled to 370 saline. Also it is more tender to the touch I am right handed too and I was told not to massage, or wear bra.

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Too early to assess results

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You're still pretty early on in your recovery. It usually takes about 3-4 months for the implants to settle and your results can be assessed then. Just follow your surgeon's care instructions to facilitate your recovery.

Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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Considering that you are only 2 weeks out of your breast augmentation surgery, some degree of breast asymmetry ( including bruising, swelling, and position of breast implants) is to be expected. The best way to rule out complications is close follow up with your plastic surgeon.  He/she is in a much better position to reassure you as opposed to online consultants.

Best wishes for the remainder of your recovery.

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