Pain and Swelling Normal After Restalyne? (photo)

Just had deep crease between eyes today. She used restalyne fine line. In in a lot of pain. Swelling like crazy and it's throbbing with little pin prick like pain. Is this normal? Was done 9 hours ago.

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Filler complication

What you are describing is not normal. You should contact your doctor asap. There could be a problem with blood supply.

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Generally this is not a good area to have treatment with a filler.

The glabellar skin has many terminal vessels that can easily be choked by filler product.  Intravascular injection is associated with pain, skin break down (also known as necrosis or ulceration).  Generally this heals and is almost unnoticeable.  Because this process can take place over days, I recommend being seen today by your injector and having the area flooded with hyaluronidase.  This may or may not stop further ischemic injury (assuming that this is the basis for your discomfort and it is not clear from your photograph).  While it is possible to have small filler treatment in this area, generally it needs to be limited to intradermal treatment to avoid intravascular injection.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Pain and Swelling Normal After Restalyne?

Seek your medical provider immediately. Having a filler injected to the glabellar area can cause a blockage to the blood vessels in that region. This can possibly cause a stroke. 

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How much discomfort should you expect after Restylane

What you are describing after an injection is unusual.  This could be caused by the Restylane being injected into or around a blood vessel.  I would contact your injector and make you get seen ASAP for evaluation.

Michael Bowman, MD
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Pain and Swelling Normal After Restalyne? (photo)

Though your description is very concerning, you might be over reacting? But either way you need IMMEDIATE IN PERSON care from your injecting doctor. LIKE NOW!!! There is a possibility that you do have a real issue of impending vascular compromise with necrosis and need care. At least use warm compresses and take 325 mg of aspirin. Why did you not use BOTOX is my question??? 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Pain after restylane

I would see your doctor ASAP but call them now and explain problem. They might be able to give you some instructions like to use warm compresses and nitropaste and might want you to come right in to dissolve it. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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Vascular compromise after dermal filler injection is rare

There are some substantial vascular arcades in the glabellar region which, if injected into, can cause local ischemia of the skin. See your injector as soon as possible if the pain/swelling you are experiencing does not resolve completely.

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
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