Pain and Numbness on Right Breast After 18 Months of BA?

18 months after BA right breast still hurts and it feels numb. PS say is nerve recovery and to massage. on my last appmnt PS said that it was scar tissue and to keep massaging. PS said that if pain got really bad then he would take my implants out, remove scar tissue and put new implants, but it could happen again. Implant moves freely and it is soft. When massaging and laying on chest, the feeling of relief is the same as when you scratch after an itch and have that relive sensation.

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Pain and numbness after breast augmentation

Usually numbness if it is going to improve will improve over the first 6 months or so and will peak by one year.  At 18 months out, I doubt you will see improvement.

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Pain and Numbness on Right Breast After 18 Months of BA?

It can take up to two years, and sometimes even longer, for sensation to return to normal following breast implant surgery.  However, in a small percentage of cases it does not do so.  Unfortunately, removing the implant and the scar tissue, and then reinserting the implant, will not necessarily eliminate this problem.  If the implants were hard (ie, had capsular contracture) then it could make sense to undergo a revision but, even then, sensation may not be improved and could, in fact, actually get worse.

Sorry about the problem you're having.

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Pan and Numbness of Breast

Pain and numbness of the breast 18 months after BA suggests nerve injury.  This is a know complication of breast augmentation. It typically resolves in most situations. If the pain and numbness has improved, it will likely continue to improve. If it has stabilized, it is likely to be permanent.  I would recommend massage of the area to de-sensitize the nerve and potentially medication like Lyrica which works well for nerve pain.  Implant removal and replacement is unlikely to help.  Seek consultation and re-examination with your surgeon to discuss your treatment options.  Best wishes.

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Pain and Numbness on Right Breast After 18 Months of BA?

This is a bit unusual. Since your implants are soft and mobile, I don't think removing and replacing your implants and removing the scar capsules has much chance of improvement of pain or numbness. 

Since you describe relief by massage and laying on your abdomen, I would start by getting measured for a good support bra at a place like Nordstrom's where there are skilled fitters. 

If that fails and the pain is bothersome enough, sometimes using a medicine like neurontin is effective for nerve induced pain. Usually that would be prescribed by a pain specialist. 

All the best. 

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