Pain and Hyper-sensitivity after veneers?

1 of my front teeth kept getting darker over the yrs (it is dead/ had root canal over 7 yrs ago). I had veneers put on all upper teeth. I was in EXTREME pain and had hypersensitivity aftr prep work, and the same after perms were applied. Dr. rx prednisone pck & it was a miracle. Pain was gone until few wks later it started back in the tooth that had root canal. Now the pain/inflammation is spreading to other teeth. How do I rid inflammation in a tooth that cant absorb the medicine bc its dead?

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Pain after Root canal and Venners

Without xrays and other diagnostic tools its hard to pin point the reason for pain. You are correct however that the tooth with the root canal should not have any pain. Due to the fact that you are complaining of pain/discomfort now in multiple teeth the most common reason may be as simple as your bite being off. If this is the case a few adjustment may be all you need! Please see your treating doctor to evaluate.

Pain and Hyper-sensitivity after veneers?

It should go without saying, return to your dentist. One of the most common causes of post treatment in pain is the bite being off, even is just a fraction of a milometer! And sometimes several adjustments are necessary to make your bite even and comfortable.

Regarding any post treatment pain not attributed to the bite, it will vary considerably among patients. Depends a lot on the original health of the tooth, how much decay or deep the cavities were, how many previous fillings were on the tooth prior to the veneers, and how much drilling did your dentist have to do? If the teeth were out of alignment, more tooth preparation is necessary to get the veneers on the teeth all straight as compared to treating someone with veneers that have straight teeth to begin with.

Prednisone isn't a bad choice initially, but you won't want to use it long term. But, you can take other anti inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen.

Since your one tooth already had a root canal, then it will not have any ability to absorb medicine. However, that probably doesn't matter, what you are most likely experiencing is pain around the gums and bone of the tooth, and that should respond to the medications your dentist prescribes.

Again, return to your dentist. It is his job to work on the things necessary to get you comfortable. If he is stumped, he may advise you get a second opinion from a root canal specialist (endodontist).

Good luck!

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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