Pain and Double Bubble? Is a Revsion Needed or Just More Time? (photo)

Replaced saline 225cc to silicone 150cc's with capsulorraphy Had really bad pain since day 1 on my right side which is the breast in question not only was the pain in the crease it's in my shoulder blade. I am uncomfortable and hurt every day I am very frustrated I would be willing to deal with the "looks" if it meant "no pain" How long do I have to wait?

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Double bubble?

I am not certain why you are having pain.  I do not believe that you have double bubble.  You should have a conversation with your plastic surgeon.  My advice is to wait a bit longer.

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Modest contour problems should probably be accepted after revisional breast implant surgery.

I'm not certain why the pain after seven weeks. This is something you need to have your surgeon look into. Aesthetically the problem you're pointing to is modestly photographs. I would certainly do nothing for the time being.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Pain and Double Bubble? Is a Revsion Needed or Just More Time?

The degree of "pain" you describe is quite unusual after 7 weeks. Could be entrapped lateral pectoral nerve. Best to have the surgeon palpate a "trigger" point than inject a long acting local (marcainbe) into this area to see if any relief. Otherwise only IN PERSON evaluations can allow a more definitive diagnosis vs this over the internet guessing! Good LUCK please give follow up! 

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Pain and Double Bubble? Is a Revsion Needed or Just More Time?

I'm sorry to hear about the discomfort you are experiencing. Unfortunately, despite providing pictures, I do not think that online consultants will be of much help to you. Best to be seen by your plastic surgeon, who knowing exactly what was done, will be in the position to provide you with meaningful advice.  You are correct, in that since you are  only 2 months out of surgery, your plastic surgeon may advise you to allow for more time to pass before determining the need for additional surgery. Otherwise, online consultants can only speculate‚Ķ

 Best wishes.

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