Pain and burning after coughing did I mess up the muscle repair?

I had a full tummy tuck on January 2, 2014. On January 5 I got choked while eating and coughed twice with much pain and burning. The pain subsided within just a few minutes. I did get swelling that went down by the time I saw the doctor the next day. The swelling is now coming and going and I am very concerned. It is not painful anymore. Could this be due to fluid or muscle? I am so scared to need another procedure.

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Tummy tuck and post operative coughing causing pain and burning

At just a few days post op after a tummy tuck, it is not unusual to have some pain and burning especially after coughing.  It is also not unusual to have some swelling in the first week or two after the surgery.  The swelling you are having is probably due to some fluid accumulation and doesn't necessarily mean that you damaged the muscle repair.  If your doctor gave you a compression garment, be sure to wear it.  Let your surgeon know about your concerns but don't worry in most cases this will resolve over the next few weeks.  Best wishes.

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Pain and burning after coughing did I mess up the muscle repair?

 Early out of tummy tuck surgery, the concern with your description would be, the potential for disruption of sutures that are holding the abdominal wall muscles together in the midline. 
In general, it would take a significant amount of pressure to “tear" the muscle repair after tummy tuck surgery. This event would likely be associated with significant discomfort. A change in your physical examination, such as increased swelling, bleeding, a new onset "bulge" would also be likely.
Generally speaking, abdominal wall muscle plication performed during tummy tuck surgery is quite secure; disruption is very unusual. You will be best off following up with your plastic surgeon who will be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance.
Best wishes.

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