Pain and bleeding 1 week after septoplasy, fenestration of the maxillary sinus, infundibolotomy and removal of some polyps?

I had the above mentioned procedure done one week ago with having chronic sinusitis for years and an acute infection prior to the surgery. The Surgery went well and the tamponade was removed on the first postop day with some stronger bleeding. My sinuses are beeing cleaned every day, and every other day so far it started bleeding right after wards. + since septum retainer removal on 5, postop day I am having worsening pain on the front part of my septum and the tip of my nose.

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Sinus Issues After Septoplasty +

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It is impossible to give you sound medical advice based on a brief history and no examination. However, your experience is not the norm. Consult your surgeon and if necessary seek a second opinion.

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