Serious pain after the removing pressure bandage? (photo)

After 6 days of the otoplasty, pressure bandage was removed but left side ear was more swelled. After 2 day i was feeling serious pain, i visited to surgeon he said about blood clot and he drained it by needle. Bit still am feeling much pain and no pain killer helped at all. It continuously paining.

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Auricular Hematoma After Otoplasty

It is very possible that the auricular hematoma that was drained has re accumulated.  Needle drainage and placement of a bolster dressing which provides gentle pressure are usually satisfactory to treat the problem.  On occassions, when the hematoma continues to reaccumulate the operate site will need to be re explored to see if there is a blood vessel that is oozing briskly and causing the blood to build up.  I suggest you followup with your surgeon immediately if you are experiencing the symptoms you described.  Good Luck

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Otoplasty Hematoma

You may still have a hematoma or excessive swelling that is causing the pain. Keep in close contact with your Plastic Surgeon.

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