Pain After Lipoma Removal

Had lipoma out from middle back 6 wks ago, have had non-stop soreness pulling from wound! WHY?? I feel very depressed, have been referred to physio/ultrasound.

My lump was 5cm pain free before, just stuck out top of spine. Have had pain and soreness since surgery. My docs say no infection. WHAT HAS HAPPENED??? HELP

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Lipoma removal should be painless

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Lipoma removal should be painless. If you do not have infection, then was the lipoma involving the muscle and needed to be dissected fro the muscle? This can cause prolonged pain due to muscle dissection.

Other cause is the potential of injuring a superficial nerve that will heal on its own.

Other causes are that some people get unexplained severe pain after injury or surgery. there are medications that can help.

I would recommend seeing a neurologist if the Plastic surgeon says no infection.

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