Pain After Exercise 5-1/2 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck?

I had full tummy tuck with muscle plication 6 weeks ago. 3 days ago I worked out at the gym- with very light weights and seated exercises. No abs. But i did jump rope. 2 days later, I am suffering with extreme pain to the left of my belly button and slightly less painful on the right side. I've had to start back on pain meds and can barely walk without pain. Hurts to bend over as well. Could I have ruptured sutures? What's the process to diagnose injury? How likely is re-operating to repair??

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Pain 6 weeks after an abdominoplasty

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More than likely you irritated the abdominal muscles or sensory nerves in this portion of your abdomen. It is  unlikely that you did any permanent harm.  If there is any question and if it does not rapidly resolve see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  

Pain after tummy tuck

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It is difficult for me as online consultant to evaluate this. I would certainly return to your surgeon and let them know what has occurred and for a full evaluation to be performed. If you were a patient of mine I would want to see you and assist with this. It is possible for it to be a simple tear to a ruptured suture and the next steps would have to be based on your physical exam and the techniques employed in the plication. Were the plication sutures interrupted or in a continuous fashion? Regardless the take home message would be to see your surgeon. Best of luck to you.

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