Pain 2 Months After Chin Implant While Smiling, Has It Hit A Nerve?

I had a silicone chin implant placed 8 weeks ago which was fixated via two titanium skews. The results look good, however, I have pain on one side of my face when I move my face a certain way or it sometimes occurs while smiling. I have full feeling in my lips and the area with the pain does not appear to be swollen or red. My doctor advised me to massage the area and wait it out. I am just a little concerned that the implant may be hitting a nerve and if so should it moved and revised.

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Pain 2 months after a chin implant.

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It could be residual swelling, it could be an irritated or injured nerve, also the implant may be touching the nerve, or it could also be an infection. I would advise you to follow up to see your surgeon to make sure that intervention, such as antibiotics, does not need to be implemented.

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