Pain After Breast Augmentation when Breasts Are Pushed Inward

I am 3 months post op my breast augmentation, and the past 3 weeks I am having an annoying dull pain constantly on my lower left breast. The pain worsens if I push my breast inward as if I was trying to get cleavage, and I am to the point where I can't wear a bra because it pushes my breast inward and the pain is there constantly. Wire bras also now leave marks on my outer breast. Please tell me if this is normal or if the pain with go away? My docs assistant thinks it's a pinched nerve.

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Pain along sternum with pressing breast implants inward to create cleavage

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IT sounds as if it is a pinched nerve or injured nerve. Diagnostic blocks may help confirm the suspicion. Surgical release may help and/or radiofrequency nerve ablation and/or decreasing the size of the implant as well as other possible interventions. DEsenstization may be another method of minimizing the pain non-surgically.

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