Should I Be Worried About Pain 3.5 Weeks After Rhino?

hi, i experience mild pain along the bridge of my nose and tip and it's already been 3.5 weeks after my revision rhinoplasty+ tip-work with septal cartilage+ear cartilage. the mild pain sometimes occur even when i do not touch my nose, so i am suspecting tensed up facial muscles. is there any reason to be worried?thanks

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Some Pain is normal

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No, swelling and pain can last for 2-3 months after rhinoplasty. If an infection is ruled out by your doctor then the pain should gradually disappear.

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Mild Pain Not Unusual After Rhinoplasty

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Mild twinges of pain or aches are not unusual, sometimes even months after a rhinoplasty, especially a  more extensive revision as you may have had.  You should mention it to your surgeon but don't expect him to do anything about it.  Certainly contact your doctor right away with new swelling, redness, or drainage.

Louis W. Apostolakis, MD
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