If I Paid Enough Money, Could I Get Surgery to Make my Face to Look Like Britney Spears'?

I know plastic surgery hasn't advanced that far yet, but I've heard people say if you pay enough money, some doctor out there will agree to it. I don't know if there's ever been anyone who has attempted to do it, but I would pay anything to make my face look like Britney Spears' If there is any way possible to achieve this, or if you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know. I like who I am and I don't want to be her or anything, I would just love to have a face like hers. Please help!

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Looking like Stars

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Without pictuers or examining you in person, it is hard to give you a specifc answer.  In most cases, the goal of plastic surgery is to enhance your own features and make improvements when necessary.  Making your nose look like Britney will not make you Britney.


Good Luck.

I guess I better ask what stage of Britney Spears' career are we talking about?

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No photo so it is silly to speculate.  I went to the opening of the Louis Vuitton store in the South Coast Plaza in Southern Californa a number of years ago.  In this swank store every woman looked the same:  bleached blonde hair, same blepharoplasty, same rhinoplasty, same capped over white teeth, same oversized breast implants under the same white collared shirt with a short black skit and stiletto heals.  I think you could say they all resembled Britney Spears.  They also lacked authenticity.  So sure if you paid a hefty price, I think you could be made to resemble Britney Spears.  Of course if you are 60 and have dark skin, this will be a whole lot more challenging.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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