Is a Six Pack Possible Post Tummy-tuck to Reduce Loose Skin? I Have Low % Body fat.

I know that defined abdominals are the combination of low bodyfat, muscular size, and skin tightness. If you train to a low bodyfat %, have a decent core, but have loose abdominal skin and then get a tummy tuck, will it reveal the fabled six pack? Thanks.

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6 pack after tummy tuck surgery

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Yes, it is possible to have very defined abdomen after a tummy tuck surgery with low bodyfat and muscle work. Many of my tummy tuck patients are motivated by their new "starting point", work out regularly and maintain beautiful results! Make sure your surgeon has experience with tummy tuck surgery.

Will I look fit after tummy tuck?

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The answer is YES, a lean tight skin envelope covering a well developed abdomen will reflect contours of underlying musculature.  The tummy tuck can accentuate these features as well if designed to do so.  Our patients appear well developed whether they are or not... See Dr. Steve Laverson's tummy tuck gallery at

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