What Could Be Causing a Sharp Pain when Taking a Deep Breath After TT with Muscle Tightening?

I am 2 weeks post TT with muscle tightening.Three days ago I started having a sharp pain under my right rib when I take a deep breath, yawn or anything that would cause my lung to expand. Went to ER, had CT scan and EKG done. No blood clot. What else could cause this intense pain? ER said that I had partial collapse of lungs and gave me a breathing exercise device to use...but my research tells me that this partial collapse wouldn't be causing any pain, just shortness of breath. What is wrong?

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Post Tummy Tuck Pain

Thank you for your question. You need to talk with your Surgeon, and be evaluated.  When the muscle repair occurs, there are many suture used, and if you are using your abdominal muscles with a deep inspiration, you may be pulling on the sutures.  Your surgeon will know where you have sutures placed.   I hope this helps.

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Pain after surgery

I am not sure why you have pain but pain syndromes are common after larger surgery such as a TT.   The first step is see your PS.  Then the PS should examine and see what is going on.  The studies to rule out any big issues have been done  in ER and this was correct step.  You may be experiencing some pain that will simply go away and end up being diagnosed as a post operative pain that is common.   After surgery there is always pain.  The cause is often simply diagnosed as Normal Post Operative Pin with no serious etiology and no clear cause.  My Best,  Dr C

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Pneumothorax is an almost unheard of complication after abdominoplasty..

If I understand correctly you were diagnosed with a pneumothorax in the emergency room. Why this occurred during an abdominoplasty I can't say. It will spontaneously resolve but it does explain the pain.

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What Could Be Causing a Sharp Pain when Taking a Deep Breath After TT with Muscle Tightening?

I would be surprised if a plastic surgeon who has not examined you can come up with a better explanation than the ER doc who did, and who saw all the studies. Pain can occur with atelectasis (collapse). This will almost certainly resolve without a convincing explanation. The good news is that the bad causes have be excluded by the tests.j

All the best. 

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